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I am an author, publisher, poet, publicist, and speaker. I am the Nashville Gospel Music Examiner, and I have been on Yuku (EZBoard) since May of 2001. Interests: I am interested in contemporary Christian Music, poetry, literary classics, Mayberry festivals, Renaissance fairs, historical reenactments, and other family-friendly activities. Non-Interests: Please do not spam me with invitations to any forums which are not family friendly, or send messages with images of partially-clothed women or off-color jokes & language. If it would not be suitable for Aunt Bee or Opie, I would not be interested. Music: Christian, Celtic, Classical, Christmas Websites: Nashville Gospel Music Examiner, Christian Activities, MayberryUSA (on Yuku), and Bukisa. About This Profile This is a family-friendly profile, so if any objectionable images ever show up in the ads, please accept my apologies. Yuku places Google ads on all their profiles to underwrite the free boards.

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